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Realign with love and happiness. 

Free of judgment, ridicule, and stress.

Reconnect with your highest self and get back into action so you can live your best life with your renewed energy and fulfill your desires. 


Rediscover your excitement for the future, experience true love, and deepen your connection to your soul. 

Discover your inner calm so you can cope with anything life throws at you and leave with the renewed energy you need to experience true happiness.

Find your refuge in



1015 Manhattan Ave.
Manhattan Beach

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Holistic Skincare

Corporate Retreats

Wellness Coaching

Sound Healing



Welcome to Tropical Refuge. Founded in 2004. We are a team of healers & Wellness coaches dedicated to providing a meaningful approach to the ancient world of sound healing. Combining our experience in selfcare, wellness, and high-end corporate events our deep interest in wellness, it is our passion and our purpose to share the benefits of sound healing, yoga, and Holistic Skincare in the most welcoming and relaxing way. Whether you attend one of our Classes, public, online, or private events or we work together to create a Unique experience for your company or event, Tropical Refuge is here to support you in your journey to less stress & and a greater sense of happiness.



Create your dreams and remove your blocks.

We will Co-create in a  sacred space built on purpose, to help you fulfill your dreams. Imagine what is possible when you take the time to care for yourself and get the support you need.

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Space Rental Inquiry

We have 3 amazing spaces for rental with a beautiful outdoor patio overlooking Manhattan. Ideal for parties, independent instructors or trainers. If you are looking for a self-care spa event let us help you create your dream retreat. We also rent out one of our treatment rooms. If you are looking for a beautiful space for your special event.

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