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  • Sabina R. Dominguez
    My mother suffered 2 strokes in March of 2017; by May, I was exhausted. I knew I needed some type of support to keep me going and prevent me from becoming ill myself. I started going to Mary for reiki treatments almost weekly just to get through the week. She helped keep me in a good place, so I could endure the lack of sleep and stress. In early 2018, I realized I wanted more! The reiki was great, but I wanted to put more focus on my own well-being at home and at work. (I also had 2 more classes to complete at UC Berkeley for my Construction Management certificate, which I had pushed off. At the time, I could not fathom getting this done by the school program deadline of August 2018.) I truly had no idea the amount of healing that Mary would facilitate over the next year. ​ I had wounds that ran deep; many I had forgotten. Thinking that burying them was enough to move on. I had learned to “survive” with these wounds, but they were still there. Never leaving my side, Mary helped me bring them to the surface. I felt safe knowing she was there. It took some time to learn to let go of the pain; letting go meant feeling it again, which I was not enthusiastic about. But, over time, learning to trust and lean on Mary, I started to focus more on the healing rather than “re-feeling” the pain. For years, I had myself made it a point to steer clear of negative people/energy. What I hadn’t realized was I needed to fill that space with something new; something positive. As a result, my wounds kept me in a dark place…. Looking out toward the light, but never being able to hold on to it. With Mary’s help, not only did I fill that space with positive energy, love, and compassion, but I actually healed my wounds. I was no longer looking out toward the light, it was within me. My temperament has definitely changed, as well. I used to hold my anger and frustration inside. Not only, do I not do that anymore, but I learned not to be bothered so much by superficial things or people. Mary taught me to set boundaries with people. This took some practice, but got easier with time and made a huge difference. In 2019, I continued to work with Mary focusing more on my work and financial goals. 2019 was an amazing year for clearing financial difficulties and creating the foundation for a financially sound future. I am so grateful for this, especially now in 2020 with the COVD-19 pandemic causing many people financial hardship; not to mention the stress that goes with that. Mary is truly amazing! Working with her has brought me a happiness I never knew was possible.
  • Gloria Reid
    A journey into healing is not always a clear Path. Sometimes it is a crooked line with sharp twists and turns. To mane fest a healing journey one must clearly identify the source of emotional, physical, and spiritual trauma. Mary clears the path for navigation. Her gift is opening up to experiences to process and clear a path into healing. An alchemist at heart her delightful skill and warmth provides healing in a safe sanctuary. A clear path and vision provides balance and attunement to well being. Clear ruminating, clouded thoughts and let Mary guide you through turmoil to a destination of peace and prosperity.
  • Weight & Negative Stress issues
  • Chronic Stress & Back pain
  • Distance Reiki & Energy Clearing
  • Patricia Hogan O'Donnell
    The retreat at beautiful Lake Cachuma guided by Mary Weaver April, 2022 was an amazing spiritual journey filled with meditation, self-introspection and healing. At the retreat we were able to let go of all attachments and rediscover ourselves. I was able to let go of beliefs of self-doubt and acknowledge that "I am right where I am supposed to be". Mary opened the pathway through Reiki and breathwork to allow a re-bonding with self, nature and sisterhood. Through hikes and grounding in a beautiful setting with an amazing spiritual leader (Mary Weaver), I found what my soul was looking for, "spiritual bonding" with mother earth and the universe.
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