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Our Story

Supporting women and men into feeling free, stronger, and breaking through all fears!


Over the years I’ve become a vocal advocate for mental health, self-care, wellness, and overcoming trauma. 

My heart longs to help this new generation of girls & boys to have confidence and share some wisdom on how to protect themselves. Mental Health is a very delicate subject.


Spreading love and awareness is crucial for our world and the generations to come.


Nobody should feel demised and crucified by technology or any other avenues that we humans have created.

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I have found so much joy in the simplest things that life has to offer. 

Crafting Tranquility at Tropical Refuge


Serenity can often seem like an elusive dream in today's fast-paced world. Yet, Tropical Refuge, spearheaded by founder Mary Weaver, has emerged as an oasis of well-being. 

Tropical Refuge is a semi-private studio and boutique dedicated to building relationships with our clients by customizing treatments to help achieve their beauty, fitness, and mental health goals.


We don't offer quick-fix solutions; instead, we believe in cherishing the journey. We are thrilled to be a part of it. Tropical Refuge in Manhattan Beach is the area's best-kept secret.


Finding the Path to Tropical Refuge: HerStory

Mary Weaver's path to Tropical Refuge is a profoundly personal one. Mary found that the severe stress and repercussions from traumatic experiences throughout high school were showing through her skin. Rather than masking these struggles with makeup and other superficial remedies, Mary chose a different route: holistic healing. This decision led her to the path of esthetician school. At 20 years old, she explored holistic approaches to managing stress and anxiety. Mary became captivated by alternative methods like meditation and reiki. Her growing passion for helping others become the best versions of themselves ran deep. She found peace and joy in guiding her clients on a path to healing and transforming to become well-rounded individuals when they walked through her spa's door.

Nineteen years ago, she opened her first spa with her one-year-old daughter. Her journey was marked by numerous challenges, from the stresses of business ownership to personal struggles, including her mother's almost fatal illness. Yet, Mary's resilience led her to see adversity as an opportunity for growth.


The Evolution to Tropical Refuge

The transformation from Primrose Spa & Boutique to Tropical Refuge Studio was more than a mere rebranding; it signified a profound evolution. After 17 years in the business, Mary felt the need for her business to expand just as she was. She had grown spiritually, physically, and mentally, and her desire to connect with and support her clients on a deeper level had intensified.

Her experiences and struggles inspired her to create a haven for others. Mary became more involved with domestic violence shelters and children's anti-bullying programs. Tropical Refuge emerged as a sanctuary for those seeking nourishment, healing, and beauty. As clients crossed the threshold, they were enveloped in a sense of calm that allowed them to let go of their burdens.

The sanctuary Tropical Refuge is a place free from judgment, ridicule, and stress. It's about reconnecting with one's higher self, regaining momentum, and living the best life with renewed energy and fulfilling desires. At every life stage, Mary aims to help individuals find excitement for the future, experience true love, and deepen their connection to their souls while caring for themselves.

Tropical Refuge Studio recently found its dream location in Manhattan Beach, featuring a light, airy, and boho atmosphere. One standout feature is the oasis patio, nestled right by the water, offering a serene backdrop to the spa's services. An open floor concept for yoga and workshops enhances versatility, while a dedicated recharge room and Zen studio provide spaces for relaxation and rejuvenation. The spa even extends its reach to other healers and leaders, fostering collaboration and community.

Many Blessings,

Mary Weaver

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