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Fighting Depression

Have you ever experienced depression? It can be a feeling of drowning, being tired, sad, lonely and hopeless. These are just a few signs of depression that one encounters. I've experienced depression four different times in my life, and all had different circumstances. I am an overly sensitive person and wore my emotions on my sleeve. My classmates picked up on this, which made me a target for teasing and bullying. So, I felt like I needed to create a mask for my feelings. Hiding your feelings for so long can be a full-time job and letting out how I felt could seriously hurt someone. Deep down inside was a mystery and I built every wall imaginable to protect myself. Sometimes I think the most un-sensitive person is the most sensitive person. What masks have you created? What are you protecting yourself from?

Five tips on finding the light at the end of the tunnel

1. Do not to fight your feelings. Fighting your feelings could become a full-time job. Journal all the emotions and fears that you feel.

Create your own Mantra: Ex.

  • I surrender my fear of starting a new job.

  • I surrender my anxiety and give it to source or God

  • I surrender the outcome of my medical results

Try to get more specific as you say and write your Mantra

2. When you are finished writing down your mantra, fold up the piece of paper and burn it. This will help cut the negative energy that is attached to you. Release and surrender!

3. Set your intention for the next month. How do you want to feel? What do you want to experience? Setting your intention helps motivate you to stay on track with what your inner desires are.

4. Delegate two things off your plate- This will give you some instant relief, especially if you are overwhelmed.

5. Incorporate one positive affirmation. It is best to repeat this in the morning and bed before you even get out to start your day. Weaving your intention into your affirmation is the magic sprinkle on the cake!

If you have found these tips helpful, I would recommend setting up a call with me. Having a secure foundation for your future, will alleviate a lot of stress and worry. I am here for you and can honestly say I've found the light at the end of tunnel! You have a lot to offer this world, and we need you now more than ever. Don't give up because Divine Destiny is yours!

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