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Busy Summer meets Harmony

Summer is upon us Primrose beauties! Days get longer, the weather gets hotter and MOMS get more tired! Between all the social events, BBQs, vacations and the kiddos being out of school things can sometimes seem a little overwhelming.

I'm sure you all have heard the term once or twice “it's just about finding balance.” How is that working out for you? Are you merely balancing to survive? This month we're going to focus on helping all you beautiful people live in harmony. You may be thinking, but isn’t balance and harmony the same thing? Fun fact: they are not the same. Balance tends to imply you need to weigh out different aspects and priorities on some life scale. Rather than striving to achieve some false constant balance in your life, it is about arranging your life so that the different parts are in harmony.

The fundamental golden difference is that achieving harmony means you can focus more on one aspect of your life at one point and then another at other times. Balance can put this added stress of trying to force everything to work at the same time. Remeber when you were a kid and that feeling of freedom and excitement you got on the last day of school? Why can't we still have that same feeling now? Is there some unwritten rule that says summer still cant be a season of fun and freedom just because we're adults now? Get that excitement back!

Now some of you may be familiar with the Inner Soul Beauty and Divine Destiny programs. In those programs, we focus on both Inner and Outer beauty. We’ll go into outer beauty first since I'm guessing some of you are wondering how in the heck harmony and outer beauty go together. Part of one of the MANY perks of living a harmonious life is what we like to call the trickle effect. For example say you decide to try out lash extensions this summer. You are taking time for yourself to do something YOU want to do. This trickles into more leisurely mornings which trickles into more free time to focus on a different aspect of your life. See how easy that was?!

What are some small, short-term goals you can set? What are some things you desire and want to see a trickle down?

The feeling of accomplishing those small goals will motivate you to keep working at them instead of being discouraged by not seeing results or getting that feeling of accomplishment and just abandoning the overall goal completely.

Think small bites instead of choking on a mouthful. Let's say you set a goal of wanting to take better care of your skin and get it healthy. That's a big goal and when it announced that it seems overwhelming. Instead, break it up. Set a goal of wanting to stick to a skincare routine for lets to say two weeks. After those two weeks, you'll see how amazing your skin looks and get that warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment which will then motivate you to keep it up.

So let me give you a scenario, come in and try out one of my FAVORITE Primrose services, the microderm hydrating facial. You are taking care of your skin, getting off all those dead winter skin cells. You’ll walk out of here blinding people with your fresh, radiant skin. This trickles into a feeling of relaxation and again a good ol’ dose of self-confidence ( can never have too much of that ) which can then trickle into finding you want to keep your skin looking fresh and glowing that then motivates you into sticking to a skincare routine. Before you know it you're harmonizing your way through life spreading positive, harmonious vibes to all those around you. So I Mean if we look at it that way getting a facial is actually helping others! I’d call that a win-win.

If you are someone that needs to mentally prepare for a change like say you set a goal of wanting to lose weight. You break that down into a bite-sized goal by starting with “I want to drink more water and less soda.” Give yourself an adjustment prep time of two weeks. Don't get a wild hair and say “tomorrow only water no soda” because there's a good chance you'll slip up and maybe drink a soda ( which is okay were human and sometimes we just crave those sweet fizzy bubbles ). Instead, plan it out. Mentally prepare yourself and chances are sticking to your goal will be less stressful. We all need to stop rushing through things. It adds unnecessary stress, and stress causes wrinkles, and we DEFINITELY don't want that.

Stay tuned to learn more about the Inner beauty side...

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