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Do you feel like your old wounds are effecting your Relationship?

How to have a fulfilling relationship with the old wounds still bothering you

You are in a relationship and everything seems so perfect. You think you have found your soulmate and all the past wounds would heal now. You know he has suffered a lot too from past breakups but now you want him to be happy. However, at times things go so wrong. Whenever you fight, the old wounds come back and you feel so alone and trapped. At times you feel you there is no hope left for you.

Relationships – how past wounds hurt

Almost all of us have a troubled past. Some of us have been cheated, abused or stranded by our partners. Problems faced in childhood may leave their marks behind. In most cases, we are unable to deal with the wounds and they keep on visiting us and upsetting our present.

The greatest problem that people face in relationships is communication. Yes, break down of the communication channels can spell doom for a relationship and you need to be careful about this. It often happens that a man who has past wounds shuts himself up in a shell to protect himself. This makes things more difficult. He may do it for the family as a man needs to be strong and supportive. However, the problem is the partners feel trapped and abandoned but can’t do anything about it.

How to heal broken relationships

Love yourself. Don’t hide your feelings. If you are upset over something, tell your partner. Your trust on him would help him to open up too.

Watch your words. Yes, you need to take time before responding so that you don’t hurt your partner. By being considerate you would be making the bond stronger.

Forgive. This is another key to come closer. Conflicts do happen but you don’t have to remember them always. Let go of them and you would find life becoming beautiful again.

Have hope. This is perhaps the most important thing that makes relationships work.

Give yourself a chance, give love a chance and things would be great again. Give time to the relationship and never let go of hope.

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